1. Infection Prevention and Control

    PMC is excited to announce our newest service: Electrostatic disinfecting and sanitizing. PMC is always on the quest for products and procedures to improve the quality and efficiency of the service we provide. We have partnered with E-Mist to bring this technology of disinfecting and sanitizing to y…Read More

  2. Spring Cleaning Your Faciluty

    Spring cleaning is an annual ritual in millions of homes across the country. Commercial facilities can also benefit from a deep cleaning at least once per year and spring is the perfect time. Deep cleaning not only enhances the appearance of your building, it can also improves indoor air quality and…Read More

  3. Entrance Matting, who knew?

    The most interesting thing about matting is that it seems so simple that it is often overlooked or an afterthought and yet it is so significant to a clean, safe and healthy environment. A commercial entrance matting system helps businesses of all kinds provide a safer, healthier and more attractive …Read More

  4. Tired of clogged toilets?

    Are you tired of hand towels clogging the toilets and pipes at your facility? WE HAVE THE SOLUTION! PMC has a new paper line for our customers to help reduce costly plumbing cost due to clogged toilets and pipes from hand towels being disposed of down the toilet. Dissolve Tech is manufacture with a…Read More

  5. The Value of Clean

    It's time that facility decision-makers stop thinking of cleaning as a cost and start thinking of it as the profit center it truly is. The Value of Clean program won the 2015 “Power of A” Silver Award from the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE). Cleaning is an investment in human …Read More

  6. Outsourcing Facilities Support

    Buildings have needs that go way beyond cleaning. While cleaning duties are routinely performed either by in-house custodial professionals or contract cleaners, the provision of facilities support services don’t tend to be as predicable or streamlined as that of cleaning services. Facilities su…Read More