1. The Importance Of Commercial Cleaning and Maintenance Services

    No matter the industry, maintaining a clean workplace can have a positive impact. It can not only make customers feel more welcomed and comfortable, but it can also influence employees’ productivity, performance, safety, and well-being. As a cleaning company can tell you, a clean workplace means m…Read More

  2. How To Choose A Commercial Cleaning Company

    Maintaining a clean environment isn’t just important in clean rooms. It’s important in virtually all work environments. In fact, research shows that productivity and job satisfaction can be negatively impacted by a dirty and cluttered work environment, which can go on to affect the company’s o…Read More

  3. 9 Tips for Effective Workplace Housekeeping

    In a commercial space or work setting, “housekeeping” means much more than dusting, cleaning floors and surfaces, and organizing clutter. In addition to helping companies avoid potential non-compliance fines, housekeeping in the workplace is an action that can improve safety, productivity, and m…Read More

  4. Data Center Cleaning—Information and More

    In many ways, data centers are like the brain of a company. Without all the data that is housed and maintained in these centers, the company cannot function properly. When this happens, the company will often lose significant time and money, and more often than not, these failures are due to contami…Read More

  5. Five Tips to Keep Your Workplace Clean

    When it comes to the workplace, a clean place is a productive place. In order for you, your employees, and customers to have the best possible experience, it is essential to keep your place clean, sightly, and in its best condition. As a commercial cleaning company with decades of experience in a wi…Read More

  6. Information on Cleanroom Cleaning and Sanitation

    The importance of cleanroom sanitation cannot be overstated. This sole purpose is predicated on the fact of being totally sanitary and free of contaminants. This helps create an absolutely stable work environment where employees can handle sensitive equipment and material. Naturally, when cleanrooms…Read More

  7. 5 Ways to Reduce Contamination in Cleanrooms

    As the name implies, cleanrooms have to be clean. Their sole purpose is to remain sanitary and be free of contaminants, allowing for an absolutely stable work environment. Because these spaces are critical areas where employees handle sensitive equipment, keeping contaminants at bay is crucial to ev…Read More

  8. Electrostatic Disinfection In Schools—Information and Benefits

    Did you know that, according to the Centers for Diseases and Prevention (CDC), 22 million school days are lost annually in the United States because of the common cold? And that up to 38 million days of school can be missed during a bad flu season? These are alarming statistics, especially for paren…Read More

  9. Infection Prevention and Control

    PMC is excited to announce our newest service: Electrostatic disinfecting and sanitizing. PMC is always on the quest for products and procedures to improve the quality and efficiency of the service we provide. We have partnered with E-Mist to bring this technology of disinfecting and sanitizing to y…Read More

  10. Spring Cleaning Your Faciluty

    Spring cleaning is an annual ritual in millions of homes across the country. Commercial facilities can also benefit from a deep cleaning at least once per year and spring is the perfect time. Deep cleaning not only enhances the appearance of your building, it can also improves indoor air quality and…Read More