In many ways, data centers are like the brain of a company. Without all the data that is housed and maintained in these centers, the company cannot function properly. When this happens, the company will often lose significant time and money, and more often than not, these failures are due to contaminants entering the sensitive data centers and causing the electronic equipment to fail.

At Pacific Maintenance Company, we have been providing data center cleaning for decades. Our highly trained technicians can use particle static to remove residue at microscopic levels. In today’s blog, we would like to share with you some general information regarding data center cleaning and share some of the benefits of hiring professional data center cleaners to handle all of your cleaning services.

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Benefits of Hiring Professional Data Center Cleaners


Our technicians are trained and equipped with all of the necessary, industry-leading technology that can help them test, identify, and eradicate sources of contamination. On top of this, we are experts at what we do. After years of specializing in cleaning and decontaminating critical environments, we have the skills necessary to provide you with the highest level expertise.


Not all data centers are the same. There are many different styles, layouts, and tiers. This can be confusing and troubling for cleanroom cleaning companies who have little experience. However, for experienced cleanroom cleaners, this obstacle is just a part of the job. When you work with experienced cleaners, they can help you maintain a pristine environment that helps ensure optimal efficiency and device life.


To attain a truly flawless and clean facility, it takes more than experience and expertise, it also takes top-notch equipment and gear. When you partner with PMC to handle all of your data center cleanings, this is something we guarantee. We leverage our state-of-the-art technology to exceed stringent industry guidelines and preserve all of your IT investments.


When you work with a commercial cleaning company who has pride in what they do, you can almost guarantee satisfaction. This is the case when you work with Pacific Maintenance Company. We take great pride in what we do, and to say we have experience with cleanroom cleaning is a bit of an understatement. In fact, in the mid-1960s, we wrote the scope and protocols for cleanroom cleaning and gowning. Being one of the pioneers in the controlled-environment-cleaning industry, we have gained considerable experience with data center cleaning, and we are confident in saying you’ll be happy with the results. When you work with Pacific Maintenance Company, you will be assigned a transition team that will work closely with your management team to set standards, operating procedures, and an individualized schedule for maintaining cleaning.

In today’s digital world, it is critical to keep your data center facility thoroughly clean and free of dirt, dust, and all contaminants. If you are in the Santa Clara area and need our commercial cleaning company to leverage their advanced equipment, cleaning techniques, and decades of experience to ensure your data center is clean and protected, contact PMC today!