Cleaning can be a hassle. This seems to be true regardless of the area you are cleaning — the house, the car, the garage, the office. To add insult to injury, you can put everything you have into a deep clean, and then afterward realize that you forgot to clean a particular place. While this may not have drastic effects in residential spaces, in commercial spaces, these oversights can deter customers, affect the function of equipment, and undermine all of your cleaning efforts.

As one of the top commercial cleaning companies in Santa Clara, we know a thing or two about providing commercial spaces with deep cleans. In today’s blog post, we would like to share with you some spots that people often miss when cleaning their commercial spaces. If you are in need of commercial cleaning services, facilities support, cleanroom cleaning, wall sheetrock repair, utility support, and much, much more, contact us today.

Places that are often missed when cleaning.

Behind Printers And Copiers

Every company has a printer or copier. While increased digitization has somewhat reduced the workload of this office staple, they’re still pretty commonplace for companies in nearly every industry. While you may look at the front of your copier every day, when is the last time you looked behind it? When cleaning your commercial space, keep this in mind and be sure to move your copier out and clean behind and underneath it. Printers and copies often leave behind tiny particles that can accumulate over time into not-so-tiny heaps.


If your commercial space is like most, your HVAC is constantly running to keep the interior temperature comfortable. When the heating system is continually running, for example, this causes dust, allergens, and other particles to collect around vents and cold air intakes. When performing your deep clean, seek these places out and give them a thorough clean.

Ceiling Tiles

Rough-textured acoustic tiles are notorious for gathering dust, especially the tiles located around vents. Try to remember this when performing your deep clean. Even if you don’t have this type of ceiling, inspect the cleanliness of your ceiling. Chances are that when you get up on a ladder and look closely at your ceiling, you’ll find that it is much dirtier than it appeared from the ground.

Ceiling Fans And Fixtures

While we’re on the topic of cleaning ceilings, we should mention ceiling fans and fan blades. This is a commonly overlooked spot. However, it is also a spot that some people instantly notice as being dirty. Fan blades cut through the air and all the particles seem to adhere to the blades like grimy glue.

Similarly, light fixtures are another often-overlooked location. As you’ve probably noticed, the lighting fixtures in commercial facilities can look like the place where all the bugs in the state go to die.

Switch Plates And Door Knobs

Are you able to recall the last time you cleaned your door and doorknob? If not, it’s due for a thorough cleaning. Doors are one of the most touched areas in your whole facility, which also means they are one of the most common places where germs and illnesses are spread. Research shows that just one, single dirty doorknob can spread germs to your whole office within no time at all.


If your business or commercial space has upholstery, be sure to clean all the furniture. While it may not appear dingy or dirty with stains, if it has never been cleaned, it is dirty. Cleaning it will not only help improve the sanitation and health of the facility, but it will likely give it a clean feeling that you didn’t expect.

Tops Of Furniture

Dust accumulates on the top of partitions, cabinets, and virtually anything with a flat surface that is above your eyesight. While it can be easy to overlook these areas, get a ladder and clean them. This will help with air quality and allow you to truly accomplish a deep and thorough clean.

Office Chairs

From the cushions to the base, chairs get dirty quickly. However, most chairs are built for this abuse and to not show obvious signs right away. For this reason, cleaners can overlook the chairs when performing their cleaning services.

Making sure that all areas of your commercial property are clean can be overwhelming. While you may be tempted to disburse this work among your employees, this can be bad for morale and productivity. Instead of imposing in this way, consider letting a commercial cleaning company come in and handle all of your cleaning services. They can save you time, ensure a deep clean, and come ready with years of experience and industry-leading equipment.

Where Can I FInd A Santa Clara Cleaning Company?

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