When it comes to the workplace, a clean place is a productive place. In order for you, your employees, and customers to have the best possible experience, it is essential to keep your place clean, sightly, and in its best condition.

As a commercial cleaning company with decades of experience in a wide variety of industries, including cleanroom cleaning, cleaning data centers, pharmaceutical facilities, biochemical cleaning, and much, much more, we know a thing or two about cleaning. In today’s blog, we at Pacific Maintenance Company would like to share with you some information and tips on how to keep your workplace clean.

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Practice Proper Storage Techniques

A clean and tidy office is important to both health and productivity. A common culprit of a dirty, unproductive environment is clutter. Clutter can cause confusion, frustration, and create an air of disarray. To combat this, put in place proper storage procedures and equipment. While having desk drawers is a good start, it is not enough. Consider also investing in filing cabinets, binders, bins, shelves, and more—basically, you want to have a designated space for everything in your office. This will greatly help improve order.

Go Paperless

Though some industries will likely never be able to completely wean off using paper, some can come close or at least make some cuts that will improve efficiency and bottom line. Piles of paper are one of the greatest culprits of clutter and untidiness. Heaps of paper can pile up on shelves, on desks, on the floors, and seemingly everywhere. Being proactive and taking initiative to set up a system that will reduce paper usage and storage can make a huge impact on workplace cleanliness.

Focus on Germ-Heavy Areas

Bathrooms are not the only dirty area of an office or workplace. There are many other, less obvious, places that are teeming with germs. Areas like keyboards, for example, are a hotbed for debris, germs, and bacteria. All of the various nooks and crannies can conceal germs and cause the spread of illness. When trying to maximize the cleanliness of your workplace, focus on these crucial areas.

Encourage Hand Washing

Hand washing is important. It is a fact that gets drilled into us at a young age but can often get forgotten the older we get. Be sure to create a work environment that encourages handwashing. 80% of infectious diseases are transmitted through touch, and on average, people touch their face about 18 times in a single hour. This isn’t a good combination. However, keeping your hands clean can drastically improve the sanitation of your environment. Additionally, keep disinfectant wipes readily available, always. This will encourage all of your employees to wipe down their desks and disinfect their work area regularly, reducing the likelihood of spreading illnesses.

Hire a Commercial Cleaning Company

At Pacific Maintenance Company, our cleaning professionals are able to perform an astonishing array of tasks. Not only can we handle all the hi-tech cleaning required to clean cleanrooms, data centers, biochemical facilities, and more, but we can also take care of all of your routine workplace cleanings. We offer a range of packages and services, including day cleaning, skip cleaning, team cleaning, and more! Learn about our interior cleaning services. If you are in the Santa Clara area, contact us today to schedule your commercial cleaning.