We understand cleanroom requirements and have extensive experience adhering to proper cleanroom cleaning procedures. In fact, in the mid-1960s, PMC wrote the scope and protocols for cleanroom cleaning and gowning, establishing itself as one of the world’s pioneers in this specialty area. In the 1980s, PMC performed the first submicron cleaning at a high-tech manufacturing facility, and subsequently developed the first formalized submicron cleaning protocol in the world.

How It Works 

When a new controlled environment facility comes on board, PMC assigns a transition team to work with the facility’s management to review specifications (e.g., oor types), the site’s standard operating procedures (SOPs), and how to best clean and maintain each environment within the particular facility. Whether we’re performing data center cleaning, cleanroom cleaning, or cleaning some other controlled environment, we set up a comprehensive schedule for the specific environment, tailored to the exact use of the cleanroom.


  • cCMP compliance

  • Cleanroom cleaning

  • Consumables distribution

  • ESD floor care

  • Equipment cleaning

  • Gowning supervision

  • HEPA filters

  • Protocol development

  • Shut-down cleans

  • Silica contaminant removal

  • Sterility assurance

  • Subfloor cleaning

  • Super cleans


  • Aerospace

  • Biopharmaceutical

  • Biotechnology

  • Data centers

  • Life science labs

  • Medical device manufacturing

  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing

  • Submicron environments

  • Semiconductor manufacturing

  • Technical manufacturing


  • Airflow parallelism

  • Airborne particle counts

  • Airflow volume/velocity

  • Filter leak scan

  • Light

  • Room pressurization

  • Particle counts

  • Sound

  • Temperature