PMC has partnered with PURELL®, a name you trust, to improve the health, efficiency, and sanitation of your facility!

Efficient, Touch-Free Dispensers


Installed & Maintained by PMC

68% Waste Reduction

Kills 99% of Germs

Whether you have a medical facility, retail store, warehouse, or some other type of commercial space, hygiene and sanitization are crucial. Poor sanitation increases your employees and customers susceptibility to infections and contagious pathogens. To combat the spread of potentially harmful germs and bacteria, it is essential for everyone to have easy access to effective products that can keep their hands clean and sanitized.

At Pacific Maintenance Company, we are proud to supply our clients with high-quality hand sanitizers and soaps. Hand sanitizers are a great option for those who are in a hurry and need to clean their hands quickly. To provide our clients with the most effective, efficient, and reliable hand-sanitizing options, we have partnered with a name you can trust — PURELL®.

What Is CLEAN RELEASE™ Technology?

We are proud to offer a line of PURELL® products that feature breakthrough CLEAN RELEASE™ technology. This new formulation sets the standard for soap performance. CLEAN RELEASE™ Technology soaps are free of the most common irritants, harsh preservatives, and damaging antibacterial ingredients. It also features a surfactant system that reaches deep into the skin’s cracks and crevices to gently remove dirt and germs without causing skin irritation.

Removes 30% more dirt than regular soap

Free of harsh preservatives, parabens, and phthalates

90% biobased content

Saves an estimated 6 gallons per refill

Boosts soap performance

Kills 99% of germs

We carry both scented and fragrance-free formulations of PURELL® Professional HEALTHY SOAP®.

Ultra-Efficient Touch-Free Dispensers

The new PURELL® ES8 dispenser is simple, elegant, and built for sustainable performance.


Touch-free dispensers, or automatic dispensers, are an integral innovation in hand hygiene. Not only do they eliminate a common contact point where germs can be transferred, but they also deliver a standard dose of hand sanitizer, which improves overall efficiency.

Low-Maintenance Design

Built on over 65 years of dispenser engineering experience, the PURELL® ES8 hand hygiene systems are as durable and reliable as they are beautiful. Our AT-A-GLANCE™ refill design provides a simple and reliable way to monitor and gauge when refills are needed.

Sustainable Performance

The PURELL® ES8 system boasts a 68% reduction in battery waste and a 15% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions when compared to leading touch-free systems on the market.

Breakthrough Energy-on-the-Refill Technology

Each new refill comes with its own energy source — a coin cell battery that’s integrated into the refill. When you replace the empty refill, you get a fresh product and fresh energy in one simple step. Each dispenser is also equipped with back-up power, ensuring constant performance.

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