The diverse and experienced PMC team of cleaning professionals are continually trained in the latest commercial cleaning procedures and armed with cuttingedge tools and equipment.

PMC tailors a customized package of industrial and commercial cleaning services for each site that it serves. This package is designed to meet customers’ needs, budget, and timelines, and is focused on keeping a facility clean and operating at maximum efficiency.

Indoor Cleaning & Maintenance Services

• Air care
• Blind cleaning
• Carpet care
• Construction clean-up
• Consumables distribution & inventory
• Day porter services
• Debris and waste hauling
• Emergency cleanup
• Escalator cleaning
• ESD (anti-static) floor care
• Event pre-cleaning and post-cleaning
• Floor care
• General janitorial services
• High dusting
• Kitchenette cleaning
• Kitchen equipment cleaning
• Logo mats
• Marble, granite, and stone cleaning
• Matting programs
• Recycling
• Restroom sanitation
• Skip cleaning
• Special request cleaning
• Upholstery cleaning
• Vent cleaning
• Window cleaning

Day Cleaning

Some organizations prefer to have their facilities cleaned during normal working hours, and PMC offers this day cleaning option. Organizations generally select the day cleaning option if it is important to them to have their premises spotless and pristine during the day. Day cleaning can also lead to savings in energy costs.

Skip Cleaning

PMC offers skip cleaning, where different areas of the building have different cleaning frequencies and schedules. For example, restrooms would be cleaned every day, but offices would be cleaned every other day.

Team Cleaning

Team cleaning, in which a team of specialists performs cleaning tasks, is available from PMC. The work carried out by an individual cleaner is assigned by task, and not by zone. Team members specialize in particular tasks, e.g., light-duty cleaning, vacuuming, restrooms, and periodic specialty services.

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