Pacific Maintenance Company received Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIMS) certifcation, with honors, in 2012. This certifcation focuses on cleaning industry management and quality systems and processes. PMC also has the CIMS- Green Building certifcation (CIMS-GB).

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance and quality control are at the heart of all services performed by PMC for its clients. PMC develops a site specific quality program for each location that it serves.

PMC feels it is crucial to tailor the QA/QC program to each individual site in order to integrate the program seamlessly into the facility’s operation. This assures clients that PMC will support their organization’s goals for a particular facility, such as increased productivity, FDA compliance, and cost reduction via out-sourcing of services.

Quality Control


PMC inspects the facilities it serves at least once a month during the day (and more often depending on the customer’s needs and wishes) to ensure that clients are satisfied with the level of service provided by PMC

Inspections review a number of factors, including uptime, failures and faults, timeliness, appropriateness of service, and overall system operation issues and implications. The inspection process helps facility managers monitor service and cleanliness levels; be alerted to issues and maintenance trends before they become problems; learn about facility defects, repairs, and necessary upgrades; review objective data on the exact level of a facility’s cleanliness; and be aware of budget issues and budget impacts on a facility’s quality.

Site inspections are performed by PMC supervisors using tablets or smartphones, allowing for the real-time compilation of inspection data. Clients can access this information 24/7 and review everything from cleanliness ratings to the details of the inspections performed in each part of a facility.

Measuring and Reporting

The success of every site’s cleaning and maintenance program depends on measuring and reporting inspection results, safety levels, budgets, and supplyusage. Factors that are measured by PMC include:

  • Failures and faults
  • Timeliness
  • System operation issues and implications.
  • Service and cleanliness levels
  • Facility defects, repairs, and necessary upgrades
  • Budget
  • Performance ratings
  • Corrective and preventative actions
  • Supply Reports
  • Benchmarking