Whether teaching a class, presenting at a meeting, or exploring your creativity, dry erase boards are a popular medium for conveying information. Now—with the application of a dry erase coating—you can transform virtually any wall or surface into a dry erase board.

Formulated to be applied by professionals, dry erase coatings are high-performing, chemical-resistant coatings that are designed to provide an optimal writing surface that can be easily erased. Dry erase coatings are ideal for a variety of settings, including classrooms, conference rooms, offices, kitchens, and any space where you need to collaborate, communicate, educate, or illustrate.

One of the great features of dry erase coatings is its easy installation and flexibility. Unlike clunky dry erase boards that offer a limited workspace, walls coated with a dry erase coating offer a seemingly boundaryless space that can cover all of your walls. Additionally, if you ever want to remove your dry erase surface, the coating can easily be sanded, primed, and re-painted, giving you an original surface.

Pacific Maintenance Company—Dry Erase Coating Application

When professionally done, dry erase coatings can be applied on top of virtually any surface, including concrete, drywall, plaster, wood, chalkboards, and more. And since the coating is clear and can be applied on top of any paint color, your dry erase board does not have to be white.

When you partner with Pacific Maintenance Company to apply a dry erase coating to your business or commercial space, we will not only ensure that your coating is professionally applied, but our professional painters can also help you achieve the color you need to enhance your commercial space. Learn more about our interior painting services.

For over 80 years, Pacific Maintenance Company has been providing interior and commercial cleaning services. Although we are now a large company with over 600 employees, we still take tremendous pride in our individual approach, and in treating each client like they are our only client. Learn more about us, and contact us today to schedule your dry erase coating application.   

Maintenance of Dry Erase Walls

In order to remove built-up residue and keep surfaces erasable, most manufacturers recommend cleaning dry erase surfaces regularly. This maintenance is as simple as cleaning the surface with a microfiber cloth and a dry erase cleaner or isopropyl alcohol—always avoid harsh and abrasive cleaners.

Do you have a wall that you would like to transform into a dry erase surface? Contact us today to learn more and to get your free quote.