facilities can also benefit from a deep cleaning at least once per year and spring is the perfect time. Deep cleaning not only enhances the appearance of your building, it can also improves indoor air quality and lower your energy bill. Generally, the following areas will benefit from cleaning:

Cooling system: Keeping your cooling system clean is an effective cost-saving measure that is often overlooked. Most air conditioning units remain dormant throughout the winter. Dust and dirt buildup in system components, duct work and vents can lead to lingering odors and indoor air quality issues, as well as maintenance problems and higher energy bills. Before the cooling season begins, have your system cleaned and inspected by a qualified professional.

Windows: A significant amount of dirt and grime can build up on windows during the winter. Washing windows will improve the appearance of your building, brighten the indoor environment, and the added daylight–combined with dimming controls–can save energy by reducing your need for costly artificial light.

Lighting systems: Dust buildup on lamps and fixtures reduces their effectiveness and lowers light levels. Cleaning lamps, fixtures and lenses brightens your facility and increases lighting efficiency.

Floors: Spring is a perfect time to deep clean floors throughout your facility. Soiled carpets and dirt buildup in corners and under furniture and equipment can result in indoor air pollution and other contaminants, which can cause allergies and respiratory problems.

Walls and ceilings: Dirt collects on walls and ceilings reducing the amount of light they reflect. Cleaning or painting walls in small rooms will help to brighten the work area and enhance the effectiveness of natural lighting.

Machinery: Motors use a substantial amount of energy in production facilities and many commercial buildings. Overheating can result from the accumulation of dirt and other foreign matter on motor components, causing excessive wear and reducing overall efficiency.

Outside: Washing walls, cleaning windows and sprucing up your landscape will make your facility more attractive to employees, visitors and customers.  Sealing and weather-stripping doors and windows will make your building more comfortable and improve the efficiency of your cooling system. For long-term savings, plant leafy trees near the south and east-facing walls of your facility. They will provide cooling shade in the summer. In the fall and winter, when they lose their leaves, they will provide welcome heat and sunshine.

PMC can assist you with all of your Spring Cleaning needs.